A diverse and creative economy


Based on its large seaport, The Rouen Normandy metropolis asserts its excellence in many industrial fields such as agribusiness, pharmaceutical and aerospace. This industrial culture is the core of a strong tertiary dynamics in the areas of business services, IT and communications.

Of the 54,000 companies witnessed the plural economy, some big industry players such Renault, Sanofi, Ferrero France, Segafredo Zanetti, Legrand, Flexi France, Thales Air System, Aérazur, Lubrizol, SNECMA, Nexira, Etypharm, Masselin, V & M, Nutriset … and for the services companies MATMUT, Axa, Astera, SGS Multilab, Assystem, Mazars, Acticall Senalia, In Extenso Social, Médiamétrie, Complétel…

Looking to the future, the Metropolis supports innovation and creativity in the fields of health, digital eco-technology, and green building. She leads an active policy of creating incubators and business centers in these four sectors.

45 minutes of the most famous beaches of Normandy and 1 hour from Paris, the metropolis gives many rendez-vous for lovers of impressionism, opera, or sports. Festive and tourist town, with its many half-timbered houses, it has a cruise terminal and attracts many tourists from around the world. Today, with the establishment of the Office of Conventions and construction of a new convention center, it supports the development of business tourism.

At the heart of the Valley of the Seine between Paris and Le Havre, the city is developing 350 acres of business parks and new eco-districts in the city center of Rouen, Luciline Rives de Seine, the eco-neighborhood Flaubert and the future area of ​​the new St-Sever Station.

Key figures : Rouen Normandy Metropolis

  • 71 cities
  • 500 000 inhabitants
  • 266 000 jobs
  • 42 000 students
  • 60 laboratories
  • 4 200 researchers
  • « J’innove à Rouen », incubators network – 6 Business Hotel / Incubator

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