Rouen Seine Cité

ADEAR RouenA large-scale ecocity is emerging in the Seine valley.

Rouen Seine Cité is a major urban project by its sheer dimension: it covers a total of 800 hectares. Its aims in terms of reurbanisation of existing districts in the town centre and on the banks of the Seine illustrate its dimensions as a modern and innovative ecocity project.

Rouen Seine Cité will be developed on both banks of the River Seine, in an exceptional site in the immediate vicinity of Rouen’s historic town centre. Rouen Seine Cité’s permeation within the port zone will be reinforced via redevelopment of the docks, the replenishment of the Luciline River and the hollowing of a new canal towards the Seine.

The environmental commitment concurrent to the development of these new quarters implies the preservation of existing biodiversity and the introduction of nature within the very heart of future operations.

Rouen Seine Cité’s urban plan encompasses all of city’s constituents: housing, economic activities, tertiary and commercial activities, services, leisure and cultural facilities, education and teaching.

The challenge of ensuring functional and social mix, associated with intergenerational exchange is at the heart of the projects that comprise the site: today, the Luciline and Flaubert quarters and tomorrow, the new railway station quarter.

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