News from Le Havre

A new Gateway to Le Havre

The transformation of the town entrance of Le Havre goes on after the first realizations in 2012, like the inauguration of Stade Océane, France’s first positive energy stadium and the management of its surroundings. The second phase of the project will be launched by Le Havre City in April 2014 for a completion in 2016.

The goal is to promote this attractive area and transform it into a dynamic district for economic and urban development projects.

The qualitative treatment of this urban boulevard will make it safer and more fluid not only for pedestrians and cyclist but also for the 50 000 vehicles driving through it daily. This new entrance to Le Havre will play a key role in the new image of Le Havre, bridgehead of the Seine Gateway providing the Paris region with a natural access to the sea.

The second-phase will include an in depth restructuring of the circulation plan and urban equipments as well as attractive areas for new investments. An example of that is the “Graville-Semard” site, a 4ha area available at the end of 2014, located at the edge of a redesigned urban crossroad. It will border a new 3 stars hotel to be inaugurated in 2015.

The final phase, starting in 2016, will focus on the city centre-access boulevards, up to the Vauban basin where shopping, higher education and business activities coexist.

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