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Synergia Caen

By the year 2018, vast development sites will have been materialised, sustainably altering the urban landscape: Caen Presqu’ile, EffiScience Science Park, Koenig Quarter and the North Plateau.

In the very heart of the conurbation, the Caen Presqu’ile project is preparing to reconquer an industrial and port wasteland covering a surface area of 300 hectares. Alongside the Ecole supérieure des arts et médias Caen-Cherbourg and the Cargö (contemporary music venue), the BMVR (multimedia library), designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas, the Maison de la Recherche et de l’Imagination (INMEDIATS, Investissements d’avenir fund) and the new county court will soon be established.

The nearby Rives de l’Orne programme, scheduled for delivery in 2013, will foreshadow a new link with the railway station.

In 2018, 2 light rail lines will link this central quarter to the rest of the conurbation.

Whilst the town of Caen has been certified a “Digital Town” (Investissements d’Avenir” – Investments for the Future fund), the urban community is pursuing its commitment to equip all households with fibre optic.

On the Campus EffiScience, the Olympus programme will be proposing a new office space offer for businesses with projects in the field of ICT and e-Secure Transactions (TES Competitiveness Cluster –

To the west of the city, between the ring road and the airport, the Koenig Quarter, a former military base (52 ha), is preparing for a second lease of life.  The site will welcome education and training-related activities including, in particular, an interchamber career park, focusing on innovation and green economy and on cultural logistics; this genuine “Urban Laboratory” will encourage the use of gentle modes of transport, will be based on a tailor-made and adaptable architectural model and will offer a natural environment propitious to relaxation and leisure.

Caen’s North Plateau, which focuses on materials, engineering and the living sciences, already boasts unique skills in fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, cancer research, medical imaging, neuroscience, nuclear physics and materials.

Several foundation facilities have already consolidated the site’s vocation: Spiral2 (at GANIL), Archade (Hadrontherapy Centre), the new Healthcare Education & Training hub and the extension of the ENSICAEN engineering school. The shopping centre is also preparing for its own transformation in 2014.
Within the immediate vicinity of this internationally renowned scientific and technical hub, the new Orée du Golf quarter (60 hectares) will be proposing housing and activities just 10 minutes from the coast, as early as 2015.

The above projects will collectively contribute towards the creation of 8,000 new homes in 5 years.

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