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Report on MIPIM 2014

From 11 to 14 March, 2014, teams from Normandy Avenue were in Cannes for the 25th MIPIM, the International Market of Real Estate Professionals.

Normandy Avenue was in the Paris-Region pavilion and was presented in a “Seine Valley” space, which also featured the HAROPA and the CEEVO Val d’Oise stands.

The event was a rich source of business meetings and networking among the major players in real estate promotion and investment, including the investment opportunities presented by the cities of Caen, Rouen and Le Havre.

A highlight of this participation was the “Potential of the Seine Valley – Grand Paris area World Space” conference which aroused great interest.

Mr Hsueh Sheng WANG, President of the Eurasia Group, Mr Gerard MERCHER, Director General of Le Havre Développement (partner agency of Normandy Avenue) and Mr Jean-François BENON, Director General of the Val d’Oise Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO), were able to update visitors on the potential of this unique development hub that links Ile-de-France to Normandy and beyond to the wider world, as well as on the economic and urban attractions of this vast area.

The event was also marked by the deployment of the new graphic universe of the Normandy Avenue brand and its signature “Opportunités capitales” (Capital Opportunities).

The next Normandy Avenue meeting will be SIMI 2014 – 3 to 5 December, Paris (Palais des Congrès)

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Le stand Normandy avenue au MIPIM 2014

·         Normandy Avenue booth – Interactive presentation of projects and opportunities



Le Pavillon Paris-Region au MIPIM 2014 : une "Smarter Vision" pour le Grand Paris et la Vallée de la Seine

·         The Paris-Region pavilion at MIPIM 2014: a “Smarter Vision” for Greater Paris and the Seine Valley



Rencontres avec promoteurs et investisseurs au MIPIM 2014, sur le stand Normandy Avenue

Meetings with real estate investment national and international actors


MIPIM 2014 : quelques grands projets des territoires de Caen, Rouen et du Havre présentés

·         Normandy Avenue booth – flagship projects of the three Normandy metropolises



Conférence « Le potentiel de l'espace monde Vallée de la Seine - Grand Paris » en présence de M. Hsueh Sheng WANG, Président d'Eurasia Groupe

·         “Potential of the Seine Valley – Grand Paris area World Space” conference attended by Mr. Hsueh Sheng WANG, President of the Eurasia Group



Caen, Rouen, Le Havre : la Normandy Avenue a répondu présente au MIPIM 2014

·         Caen, Rouen, Le Havre: Normandy Avenue represented at MIPIM 2014