About us

In 2006, Caen Normandie Développement, Rouen Normandy Invest and Le Havre Développement  economic development agencies launched a truly original initiative by joining forces under the shared name of “Normandy Avenue Caen Rouen Le Havre”.

Thus, Normandy Avenue promotes a coherent, diversified and attractive area for French and international investors and project initiators, inviting them to join the urban and economic impetus already underway within Normandy’s technopolitan triangle.

Infrastructures, new facilities, district transformation and rehabilitation, private programmes… Normandy Avenue brings to light the emergence of major urban projects and the complementarity of its three constituent territories.

Normandy Avenue in a few figures

  • 1,600,000 inhabitants, 40% of whom are aged under 30
  • 652,000 jobs
  • 98,000 companies
  • 10,400 business creations per year
  • 105 million tonnes of sea and river transport per year
  • Over 9,000 people working in R&D
  • 74,500 students
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